Commissioning Management

H&V Commissioning Services have industry qualified total building services commissioning managers who have a large amount of experience at different levels within the commissioning management sector.

Commissioning Management

Our commissioning managers are responsible for the delivery of prestigious projects throughout the UK ranging from bespoke Data Centres to developer based Construction Projects where the demands vary in scope and timescale.

All our CSA Grade 6 commissioning managers also participate in our internal training for the purpose of development of our commissioning engineers and trainees.

Our Services

  • Programming for Commissioning

    The definition and planning stage is very important on any large venture, even more so for the coordinated and integrated approach required in today’s complex services installations.
  • Commissionability Studies

    The views of a fresh mind on any system design can prove invaluable in terms of cost and functionality.
  • Systems Inspection, Monitoring, Witnessing and Verification

    All of these elements should receive a separate and experienced analysis for the benefit of all parties involved in the installation, commissioning, acceptance and maintenance of any services installation.
  • Record Documentation, Collation, Assessment and Delivery

    The ability to look forward and assess the key verification documents of a properly installed and commissioned installation is key to the acceptance, traceability and maintenance of any installation.
  • Design, Installation, Commissioning and Operational Innovative Solutions

    The ability to look at the essential elements of any user requirement and provide unique, practical solutions.
  • Seasonal Commissioning

    Ensured compliance with BREEAM requirements for the purposes of attainment of user and design team goals for building services.
  • User Familiarisation Handover

    Independent planning, execution and attendance records of user participation in the process of take up and handover of the services installation to the facilities management team by the construction team.
  • Post Handover Attendance

    Maintenance of a knowledgeable and informed project team in the on-going familiarisation and operation of the complex building services for optimum efficiency and end user requirements.

Further Information

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